1. Do you uplink in Digital or Analog? 
We uplink in both Digital and Analog. Analog was the standard a number of years ago, however with new technology most of the transmissions have been converted to Digital. If you’re not sure what is best for your situation, ask away and we’ll help you through it.

2. Can you broadcast in HD (High Definition)? 
YES ! We have invested a lot to keep up with technology and have HD available for both truck and Fly-away options. We can also provide cameras and all support equipment needed to broadcast, record or edit HD events.

3. Does HD take more satellite space? Are there additional costs? 
Yes. Typically in the digital arena most standard definition broadcasts require a minimum of 3.0 msps (mega symbols per second) to transmit a “talking head” picture. The more movement in your program the more bandwidth you require. Typical Newscasts utilize 4 mbps of bandwidth. In HD mode the bandwidth is increased to about four times that of standard definition event when a real high quality image is desired. 

4. Can you make a Standard Definition event “look like” high Definition? 
We can format the images from our camera’s to maintain a wide screen image “look” and with the very high quality camera’s that we use we can make those pictures look great! They will NOT have the detail that a true HD camera would output. If you truly need the definition then go HD. Usually sporting events would demand the HD equipment. News and teleconferences can do just fine with SD (Standard definition).

5. Where do your Trucks go? 
They can go all over North America. Our trucks are based on the West Coast in California and run up and down the western coast all the time. However, if the requirement is farther, we will either send a truck of have one of our many partner trucks available for you in your area. We will of course handle the logistics and provide the crew, trucks, and production services you require.

6. Where can the Fly-away Uplink go? 
Virtually anywhere in the world that can see a satellite. We can quickly determine what is needed in what region of the world once we know what your event is and where it needs to get to. 

7. How many sites can you broadcast to at a time?
As many as you need…. How’s that! Yes we have coordinated and supplied enough equipment and manpower to facilitate a 240 site event. As an example, we did an event that originated from 6 locations and went to all 240 locations around the world. Every location could see the six main events as they needed to.

8. What frequencies do you broadcast? 
We broadcast at the C-Band and KU-Band frequencies. We have also provided KA band uplinks and DBS systems in Poland.

9. How many cases does your fly-away system have? 
Depending on the system we ship out it could be as few as 8 cases or as many as 14 cases. Depending on the size antenna we need to ship and where it is going, etc. We’ll help you figure all that out.

10. What do you need for AC power? 
Good question! Our trucks are all self contained and have built in generators on board. They can run a full uplink event for about 2-3 days non stop. The Fly-aways can be shipped with generators if need be if you don’t have power locally, or we arrange to have one standing by wherever we are going. Fly aways usually take from one to three 120VAC /20 amp circuits. Trucks take 240VAC / 60 amps (all single phase). We can also run on 240VAC 50/60 Hz. Either way!

11. Do you provide communication equipment as well? 
Yes we have IFB and PL systems for intercom between producers, the studio and the camera crews as well as IFB for the talent. These systems can be fed by land lines, cell phones, satellite phones or satellite receivers set up to receive the IFB audio signals.

12. How much notice do you require? 
Broadcasting news can't wait long…so any other event shouldn't have to either.

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